The Maryland Wholesale Medical Cannabis Trade Association (CANMD) represents licensed medical cannabis growers and processors in Maryland. We strive to be a resource in Maryland for both patients and providers on the benefits of this medicine, the processes for registration and certification and new scientific research and breakthroughs.

Equally as important to our Members is the protection and promotion of public policy that prioritizes patient access and fosters an accountable, consistent and innovative medical cannabis industry in Maryland.

About Us

Our Mission

The Maryland Wholesale Medical Cannabis Association (CANMD) promotes the responsible advancement of the medical cannabis industry in Maryland by fostering a favorable social, economic and legal climate. The catalysts for our work are improved public health, patient advocacy and the advancement of science.

Providing a unified voice for medical cannabis growers and processors in Maryland, we support efforts to create transparency, accountability, and consistency in the state’s medical cannabis industry and strive to educate and act as a resource to lawmakers, medical providers and patients.

Our Members

Association Members include 16 of 23 companies selected for preliminary license approval, representing 10 of 15 grower pre-awardees and 13  of 15 processor pre-awardees (seven companies received preliminary approval for both grower and processor licenses).

Board of Directors

Jake Van Wingerden, Board Chair
SunMed Growers

Mackie Barch, Vice Chair

Reggie Alston, Treasurer
Seven Points Agro-Therapeutics

Rebecca Brown, Executive Committee, At-Large
Chesapeake Alternatives

Wendy Bronfein, Executive Committee, At-Large
Curio Wellness

Debra Kimless, M.D., Executive Committee, At-Large
Forward Gro

Darren Weiss, Esq., Executive Committee, At-Large
Freestate Wellness

Bill Brothers
AFS Maryland

Ayana Lugo
Curio Wellness

Herb Wilkins


Jim Manchisi

FGM Processing

Gail Rand


Andy Cohen
Grassroots Cannabis

Mitch Kahn
Grassroots Cannabis

Josh Genderson
Holistic Industries

Adam Kavalier

Holistic Industries

Jennifer DiPietro
Kind Therapeutics, USA

Susan Zimmerman
Kind Therapeutics, USA

Edward Weidenfeld
Maryland Cultivation and Processing

Andras Kirschner
Maryland Cultivation and Processing

Ari Hoffnung

Kyle Kingsley

Alan Macdonald
ProGreen Medical

Arrington Harry
Seven Points Agro-Therapeutics

Action Center

CANMD advocates for laws, regulations and public policies that prioritize patient access and foster an accountable, consistent and innovative medical cannabis industry in Maryland.

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