Adult Use Cannabis Legislation is headed to the Governor’s Desk

ANNAPOLIS, MD (April 8, 2023) – The Maryland Wholesale Medical Cannabis Trade Association (CANMD) Executive Director Joy A. Strand released the following statement today on the passage of House Bill 556 and Senate Bill 516 to implement Adult Use Cannabis in the State of Maryland.

“The Maryland Wholesale Medical Cannabis Trade Association (CANMD) wants to thank the Presiding Officers, bill sponsors, and members of the legislative workgroups for their tireless and coordinated efforts to pass the Cannabis Reform Act during the 445 session of the Maryland General Assembly.

“The bill works to expand social equity, allows for Adult Use sales by July 1, 2023, to counter the illicit market, and includes essential testing requirements for all products in the Adult Use market to protect public health and public safety.

“CANMD supports the work ahead to build additional social equity and diversity in the Maryland cannabis industry. We look forward to welcoming and engaging with those entering the cannabis industry.”

Media Contact:

Rick Abbruzzese