The Roaring 2020s ‘Will Be Fueled By Weed’ As Cannabis Experts Predict Regulatory Shakeups In 2021

Cannabis industry professionals tell Benzinga that 2021 should be a year of ongoing regulatory movement even as uncertainty lingers due to the Jan. 5 Georgia Senate runoffs. Experts in the space predict a year of reform, setting up for continued progress throughout the decade. Read More via Benzinga

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Medical cannabis master’s program at University of Maryland sees growth since launch

Catrena Almonte’s current educational pursuits were motivated by her experience in the Army National Guard Chaplain Corps. “Many soldiers I counseled struggled with traumatic brain injuries or post-traumatic stress disorder,” Almonte said. “At some point, I thought I needed more tools.” Read More via Washington Post

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Feds Announce $350K Grant To Develop Method To Distinguish Hemp And Marijuana

The Department of Justice is issuing a different federal agency a grant to help to develop a method of differentiating hemp and marijuana. After hemp was federally legalized under the 2018 Farm Bill, laboratories have been increasingly tasked with determining whether cannabis seized by law enforcement contains THC in excess of 0.3 percent, classifying it [...]

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Maryland’s Medical Cannabis Commission Expands Patient Services Under COVID-19

From restaurants to retail, the COVID-19 pandemic has, for better or worse, turned nearly every business on its head. The state’s medical cannabis industry is no exception. Gov. Lawrence J. Hogan Jr. (R) declared medical cannabis dispensaries essential businesses under an executive order, allowing them to remain in operation throughout the course of the pandemic.  Read [...]

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Legalizing recreational use of marijuana is on the agenda for 2021

Maryland lawmakers will weigh legalizing recreational marijuana when they return to Annapolis next year. Although the state could use the revenue it would generate, that doesn’t mean all are on board. “I feel it’s a money grab, we’re looking to find more, but this is not the right way to do it,” says Delegate Wayne [...]

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Maryland lawmakers plan push to legalize marijuana

Maryland lawmakers will weigh legalizing marijuana when they return to Annapolis next year amid growing calls for criminal justice reform and shifting stances toward legalization in nearby states. After years of stalled efforts, advocates are hopeful that 2021 will be the year Maryland legalizes marijuana for adult use. Read More via Delmarva Now

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Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission co-founds national regulators association

The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission has co-founded a new national association that will allow regulators across multiple states with legal marijuana industries to collaborate on industry policies and best practices. The MMCC is a founding member of the Cannabis Regulators Association (CNNRA), which will serve as a nonpartisan, interstate forum for industry regulators to engage [...]

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How New Jersey Could Be the Tipping Point for Legal Marijuana

There’s not a lot America can agree on at the moment, but the U.S. is clearly over the war on drugs. Last week, Oregon decriminalized the possession of all drugs, deep-red Mississippi approved medical marijuana, and South Dakota — which in previous years couldn’t even get medical pot on the ballot — fully legalized, along with Arizona (though let’s be [...]

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Cannabis edibles are coming to Maryland. Here’s how product makers are preparing.

Regulations allowing for the manufacturing and sale of edible cannabis products in Maryland may be confirmed as soon as December, and state producers are gearing up to bring a new array of medical marijuana-infused foods to market. The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) has finalized a set of draft regulations around how edibles, or medical cannabis-infused foods [...]

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The cannabis industry could be a big winner on Election Day

New Jersey is expected to approve a ballot initiative to legalize adult-use (aka recreational) marijuana on Election Day next month. Aside from stoking up the 61% of likely Garden State voters in favor of the measure, its passage is projected to generate up to $400 million in adult-use sales in its first year and $950 [...]

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