A top applicant in the latest round of applications for medical cannabis growers licenses is demanding the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission immediately award four licenses following the conviction of a state delegate whom it says corrupted the process.

The letter comes even as the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission prepares to hire an outside firm to begin verifying information provided by applicants. Rignal W. Baldwin V, an attorney for one of those applicants, said the delays are unfairly punishing his client. Baldwin said the commission effectively caved in to pressure brought by former Del. Cheryl Glenn, a Baltimore Democrat who has since pleaded guilty to federal corruption charges related in part to her efforts to influence the awarding of medical cannabis licenses.

“Part of the former delegate’s public agenda was to stop the licensing process, and it appears that she did that,” said Baldwin in an interview. “The company is essentially being punished because the former delegate had other ideas about the rankings.”

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