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Will States Impacted By Coronavirus Turn To Marijuana Legalization?

States still searching for the best path forward in balancing economic and health concerns amid the continuing coronavirus outbreak also face another challenge once businesses reopen: recovering billions lost in state tax revenue, as well as millions of lost jobs. In the long term, marijuana legalization might provide an answer. Even in historically conservative Texas, [...]

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Coronavirus dampens 4/20 sales in Maryland, across U.S.

Maryland's cannabis dispensaries raked in $7.6 million during the week of 4/20, a date widely referred to as the industry's Black Friday. It was a strong showing, with sales up $1.5 million over the same period last year when fewer dispensaries were open for business. But it wasn't quite the windfall that was expected had [...]

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Surprise! There’s Cannabis Reform Legislation in the Latest COVID-19 Relief Bill

For more than two months now, the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has disrupted economic activity to a degree we've never previously witnessed. All told, the U.S. unemployment rate is nearing 15%, which is a level unseen since the Great Depression. With the understanding that things may not be "normal" for a while, Congress passed [...]

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Cannabis employees are in high demand during economic crash

Coronavirus hasn’t kept some cannabis companies down: They’re staffing up even as unemployment in many other sectors soars. Weed businesses around the country that were in strong financial shape heading into the pandemic are hiring additional workers in response to robust demand for marijuana products. Almost all states have allowed pot shops to remain open, even [...]

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Cannabis delivery operation launches in Md. through new partnership

You're probably getting almost everything else delivered these days — why not cannabis? A new kind of medical cannabis delivery operation has launched in Maryland, and thanks to a partnership between two industry players, transactions and deliveries will be entirely cashless and contactless to increase safety during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Read more via Baltimore [...]

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How Cannabis Companies Are Offering Support During the COVID-19 Crisis

Mainstream acceptance of the cannabis and hemp industry is bigger than ever, given the rising need for patient access. This attention is crucial, as companies are still fighting stigmas associated with weed culture. In response to this, brands like Curaleaf (with its nationwide dispensary and cultivation), Papa & Barkley (a THC and CBD product line out of California), [...]

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Coronavirus disrupts what was to be biggest 4/20 ever for Md. cannabis industry

This year, April was supposed to be full of festivities for the cannabis industry. After all, the entire month is 4/20, a date that has become synonymous with the celebration of legal marijuana access and consumption. In Maryland, 4/20 was set to include weekly and daily sales, doorbuster deals and dispensary-hosted parties full of music, [...]

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Women become advocates for Md. cannabis industry

Gail Rand first got involved in the cannabis industry through advocacy. Her son was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was about 1 year old. A friend’s son in Colorado had the same type of epilepsy but went seizure-free after starting medical cannabis. Rand thought the treatment could work for her son, so she lobbied state [...]

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Education programs cropping up around cannabis

Within a matter of a few decades, medical marijuana has gone from a pipe dream to mainstream. Loosening social and official attitudes about the use of cannabis for medicinal, as well as recreational, purposes has created a rapidly expanding multibillion-dollar legal marijuana industry. Dispensaries across 33 states, including Maryland and Washington, D.C., provide medical cannabis [...]

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While many Maryland businesses have been forced to close or cut back on staff due to restrictions implemented to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, some say the medical marijuana industry in the state is thriving. There are 774 confirmed cases of the virus in Maryland as of Friday morning, according to the governor’s office. Read more [...]

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